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Say Something Nice Day

In a world where negativity quickly spreads and often seems to dominate our daily lives, it’s crucial to recognize the power of kindness and positive words. Say Something Nice Day, celebrated annually on June 1st, serves as a reminder to prioritize kind and uplifting words in our interactions. This special day encourages individuals to express compliments, appreciation, and encouragement to the people around them. It’s an occasion that highlights the importance of fostering positive communication, building stronger relationships, and creating a more harmonious environment.

Say Something Nice Day is a wonderful opportunity to take a step back, reflect, and actively spread kindness through our words. At Positive Approach to Teen Health (PATH), we firmly believe in the transformative impact of positivity on individuals and communities.

Every day is Say Something Nice Day at PATH. Not a session goes by that does not promote healthy, kind, and friendly communication. Within schools, bullying behavior is a large obstacle that can prevent youth from flourishing. Bullying behaviors are obstacles for all individuals involved: the instigator(s), the target(s), and the bystander(s). As mentors and health educators we work to teach, cultivate, and grow empathy in order to end cycles of bullying behavior.

On this day in particular, the goal of spreading kindness is put in the spotlight and it is a valuable sentiment to leave with adolescents as they begin their summer breaks. It is necessary to discourage bullying behaviors and encourage empathy and kindness, as this increases everyone’s quality of life. It is also important to recognize that at times, it can be challenging to be kind. When those times come, it is as easy as not saying anything when kind words escape you. As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

On the 1st of this June, practice saying something kind. It is the perfect time to tell your teacher that they did a good job this year, or that you are proud of your friend for making it through finals week. Whether it is to your parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, coworker, or even someone you never talk to; a little bit of kindness can go farther than anyone can imagine.

Clay Lembcke