Here at PATH, we want to provide parents with the right resources needed in order to address the needs of their children. This page will serve as just that. Here parents will receive monthly videos and blogs as tools to assist them in parenting. These resources are available on PATH’s website, social media, and YouTube page.

To start, check out these videos made by Barb Winters! Barb Winters is the founder of Hopeful Mom and author of Sexpectations. She supports PATH’s mission to support parents by making two videos each month focused around parenting. These videos can also be found on our Facebook and YouTube. In addition to this, she writes a monthly blog post for us which you can check out as well. We appreciate Barb’s collaboration and we hope you are as excited about her content as we are!

While you’re here, check out these Parenting Corner videos! This was a series created exclusive for PATH by the talented and knowledgeable Lisa Raftery. Although the series is retired now, the information in this is still relevant and useful! There are countless videos covering a plethora of different parenting situations and challenges. If you find these videos about navigating raising teen’s in today’s world useful, check out our blog for articles that Lisa wrote for PATH as well!