Never give in, never give up

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
Henry Ford

We are excited to introduce PATH’s newest program option; Relentless! Relentless is a 3-tiered approach to Peer Mentoring that includes:


Peer Mentor Coaches who are hired and trained staff. Peer Mentor Coaches work to directly coach (train and prepare) Peer Mentors as well as to facilitate the main topical content of each weekly mentoring session.


Peer Mentors are high school juniors and seniors who undergo an extensive application and training process prior to their work with their peers. Peer Mentors participate in weekly coaching (ongoing training and preparation for program facilitation) meetings with their Mentor Coaches. Training includes facilitation & presentation of programming techniques, suicide awareness and prevention training, leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving and classroom management and more.


Peer Mentor Sessions occur weekly and bring together the Peer Mentor Coach, Peer Mentors and the Mentees. Each Peer Mentor Session includes topical content facilitated by the Peer Mentor Coach as well as conversations and discussions within the small group Peer to Peer Mentoring Teams.

The Peer to Peer Mentoring Teams are made up of (1) Peer Mentor and (3-5) freshmen (mentees). The Peer to Peer Mentoring Teams discuss the weekly content through Motivational Interviewing style conversations facilitated by the Peer Mentors to insure that all objectives are met. During this time, the Peer Mentor Coach is available to assist with the discussion and answer any questions that may arise within the teams. Each Peer Mentor Sessions concludes with a review by the Peer Mentor Coach and a weekly charge. Charges challenge and encourage the Peer Mentors and Mentees to consider practical application of the information and skills introduced during that session. They are also encouraged to engage their parent(s) or a trusted adult in the charge process.

This is a new and innovative approach to Peer to Peer Mentoring and we are excited to bring this model to the schools of Northwest Indiana! We are also excited to partner with Life That Counts in Alabama who is partnering with us to bring Relentless to their schools as well.