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Relentless 2.o is a 3 prong approach to peer mentoring.  The program involves freshmen mentees working with upper classmen (juniors and seniors) as mentors under the leadership and facilitation of PATH’s Peer Mentor Coaches.  Data has shown that having upperclassmen to assist in guiding the way and providing a peer to talk with and confide in produce positive outcomes for students.  Having a Mentor Coach to introduce topics and present the facts regarding subjects that include goal setting, communication skills, healthy vs unhealthy relationships, risky behaviors including drug & alcohol use, risks of unhealthy relationships, teen pregnancy, bullying and more will provide freshmen with the tools they need to build life skills that they can carry with them into their futures.  These topics are relevant to the well-being of students as they navigate their freshmen journey. 

During each weekly session, Peer Mentor Coaches provide an overview of the subject content for that session. The program implementation often includes a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrations, or videos that provide students with evidence based, age appropriate and medically accurate information that increases their knowledge and skills around these relevant topics.  Students then work within their mentor groups comprised of 1 mentor and 4-5 mentees (freshmen) through a series of guided questions using motivational interviewing techniques and open conversation. Mentors are provided ongoing training by the Peer Mentor Coach to facilitate their time with mentees. Mentor Coaches are always available during the entire session to assist with answering questions and guiding conversations.

Through this mentoring experience, students are equipped, empowered and encouraged to make healthy choices that will enable them to recognize their value, purpose and potential. As with all PATH programming, students are guided to understand the benefits of making choices that lead to optimal health outcomes.

Here is a breakdown of the Relentless 3-tiered approach to Peer Mentoring


PATH hires Peer Mentor Coaches and trains them to effectively and accurately facilitate the programming. The Peer Mentor Coaches then work to directly coach, train, and prepare the Peer Mentors. The Peer Mentor Coach also facilitate the main topical content of each weekly mentoring session. The Peer Mentor Coaches are also always there tosupport the Peer Mentors and tackle any tough situations where a trained adult staff is needed.


Peer Mentors are high school juniors and seniors who undergo an extensive application and training process prior to their work with their peers. Peer Mentors participate in weekly coaching (ongoing training and preparation for program facilitation) meetings with their Mentor Coaches. Training includes facilitation & presentation of programming techniques, suicide awareness and prevention training, leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving and classroom management and more.


Peer Mentor Sessions occur weekly and bring together the Peer Mentor Coach, Peer Mentors and the Mentees.  Each Peer Mentor Session includes topical content facilitated by the Peer Mentor Coach as well as conversations and discussions within the small group Peer to Peer Mentoring Teams. The Peer Mentor coach facilities and assists as needed at the mentoring teams take place. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Check out what youth who have participated in this program have to say

Alyssa Q.

I most definitely think Relentless is beneficial. It’s a great way to get the underclassmen involved.  I’ve been able to get to know some great kids after they begin to open up. The program is a great way to build relationships, but also has an educational aspect to it. The topics are things that kids have probably heard before, but PATH goes more in depth and is more informative. The courses are centered around the word ‘prevention’ and I think that it can ultimately prevent hardships for kids.

Portage High School Senior


I’ve been in the Relentless program for 2 years. And I think the most important topics we discuss is suicide prevention. I think it is a topic that not many want to talk about, but PATH understands how important it really is. I have also noticed that I will go out of my way to approach people now. Relentless has made me think about how others are feeling, how others might not feel comfortable or fit in. So, I try to go up to people and be more friendly with the younger kids.

Portage High School Senior

Alyysa U.

Being involved in the Relentless Program has opened my eyes.  The program provided me with knowledge and skills and has helped me with enhancing my communication skills. The program is a great bridge building program, because of the interactions you get with classmates and mentors that teach the program. Knowing that the people that taught this program will always be available to me, and to give me guidance and support is a wonderful thing.  I have also made new friends, strengthened friendships, and improved my confidence. But if I was to say one thing was the biggest takeaway from the program for me was the resources I have available to me if I need them.

Portage High School Senior


The Relentless Program gives me ideas and ways on how to be safe in every aspect in life and it helps me think wisely before I make a big decision. Talking to your mentor that is around the same age as you about situations in your life really help because they understand where you are coming from and can give you good advice.

River Forest High School Freshman

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