2020-2021 Program Options

Our philosophy is holistic, preventative and positive, focusing on the student’s development of assets and competencies.  Our program helps schools increase protective factors, promote school connectedness and increase developmental assets.

Be the Exception

Evidence-based programming with a focus on relationship skills including recognizing positive vs negative relationships, communication skills, boundary setting, recognition of self-value, purpose and potential.   A key component of the program is daily time on task activities (charges) that promote parent/student communications.  Be the Exception offers 5- 55minute sessions that are interactive and engaging.

Fee: $25/student

6th Grade

8th Grade


Evidence-promising program that combines the best of the Positive Potential Middle School programs with age appropriate and medically accurate information on topics such as; Dangers of Social Media, Depression & Suicide, HIV – STIs – Teen Pregnancy & Reproductive Health, Healthy Relationships / Boundary Setting / Refusal Skills, Goal Setting & Legacy.  THRIVE offers 10 – 55 minute multi-media sessions that are relevant and engage students in demonstrations and time on task assignments (charges) that encourage adult/parent communication.

Fee: $45/student

Horizon is a holistic, fun and interactive program developed using a combination of evidence-based curricula designed for urban populations. Teens who participate in Horizon will be engaged in conversations related to relevant issues such as: sex, primary and secondary prevention, healthy relationships and communication, future goals and peer pressure. 

7th Grade

Throughout Horizon, teens will examine what it means to be proud and responsible. To be proud is to be secure and confident; to have self-worth and dignity; and to value one’s self. To be responsible is to be dependable, dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy and make positive choices. Horizon will help teens realize the benefits of proud and responsible behavior choices; and how such behavior can help them accomplish their goals and dreams.  HORIZON offers 14 – 55 minute sessions that engage students through presentations and demonstrations.

Fee: $50/student

​Liv.True is a weekly mentoring program that utilizes the basic theory of role models and relationships to encourage youth to recognize and embrace their value, their potential and their community. Programming may be offered in-school or after-school based on school preference.

​Middle School – LivTrue offers 30 weekly sessions – each session is 60-90 minutes in length with positive youth development topics including; character building, life-skills, relationship education as well as avoidance of high risk behaviors.  Through interactive presentations and small group mentoring (1:4), students learn valuable skills and increase their knowledge of risky behaviors and potential consequences.

Fees: vary based on length of sessions and number of students.

Relentless is a 3-tiered approach to Peer Mentoring.​

​The Peer to Peer Mentoring Teams are made up of (1) Peer Mentor and (3-5) freshmen (mentees). The Peer to Peer Mentoring Teams discuss the weekly content through Motivational Interviewing style conversations facilitated by the Peer Mentors to insure that all objectives are met. During this time, the Peer Mentor Coach is available to assist with the discussion and answer any questions that may arise within the teams.

Fees: For Grantee’s with MOU’s only. Contact us for more information on bringing this program to your school.


Positive Potential Assemblies

PATH offers 3-screen (13’ x 46’) multi-media assemblies on topics covered throughout our programs.

Be the Exception / Push the Limits / Unstoppable all focus around relevant and engaging topics including Healthy Relationships; Drugs & Alcohol; HIV-STIs &Teen Pregnancy; Goal Setting and more.  Each assembly is 55 minutes in length and is presented by PATH Health Educators.

Assemblies are available for Middle and High School students and have some flexibility in content to meet the needs of your school and students.  Call for more information regarding topics and availability.

Fee: $3,500 for 1 assembly ~ $5,000 for 2 assemblies ~ $6,000 for 3 assemblies
(Multiple assemblies must be done on the same day at the same location to qualify for discounted rates.)

​For more information on PATH programming or to schedule a program in your school contact Donna Golob at 219-254-2678 or email info@PositiveTeenHealth.org.