A Little About Ourselves...

Positive Potential is a curricula specifically tailored for students in grades 6-8 and is available for purchase nationwide. The program encompasses a wide variety of age appropriate subjects such as bullying, self-confidence, and risky behavior, all pertinent to the needs of students as they grow and mature.

Effective Crisis Prevention
Our programs are medically accurate, age-appropriate and rigorously evaluated; showing favorable outcomes. All outcomes listed below are after 3 years of consecutive Positive Potential programming verses teens who did not receive programming.

Our philosophy is holistic, preventative and positive—focusing on the student’s development of assets and competencies. Our curricula helps schools increase protective factors, promotes school connectedness and increases developmental assets.

Recent Outcomes

On average, freshman high school students who participated in the 19 session Positive Potential (15 classes sessions and four assemblies) middle school randomized control trial program had:

  • increased positive attitudes about increased knowledge
  • increased skills to help them avoid sexual activity in high school
  • more often reported their intention to wait until after high school before having sexual intercourse
More teens made a commitment to delay starting sex or to reduce their risk of an STD.
More teens learned about the hazards of sex and agreed the best way to avoid an STD or unwanted pregnancy is not to have sex. ​
More teens said they were less likely to have sex in the next year, If they were to have sex, 69% were more likely to use birth control and 68% were more likely to use a condom.

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