Comprehensive Youth Development Curricula

Our philosophy is HOLISTIC, PREVENTATIVE and POSITIVE, focusing on the student’s development of assets and competencies. Our program helps schools increase protective factors, promote school connectedness and increase developmental assets.
Positive Potential 6th Grade

Be The Exception

Recognizing Your Value and Shaping Your Future By Making Positive Choices

Positive Potential 7th Grade

Push The Limits

Breaking Through Obstacles, Reaching Your Goals and Building Your Legacy
Positive Potential 8th Grade


Recognizing Potential Risks, Setting Appropriate Boundaries and Obtaining Your Full Potential

The Curricula

Positive Potential is a curriculum developed by A Positive Approach to Teen Health. This curricula encompasses a variety of age- appropriate subjects, such as bullying, self-confidence and risky behavior that are tailored to the students’ needs as they grow and mature.

The Office of Adolescent Health spent $110M on Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programming between 2005 – 2010. The Office of Adolescent Health offered a Tier 2 Cooperative Agreement with a focus on New and Innovative Approaches to Teen Pregnancy Prevention and STI/HIV Education. With more than 200 applications, PATH was one of 41 programs chosen to develop, implement and rigorously evaluate their program. In 2016, PATH’s Positive Potential Program was one of only 8 new Evidence-Based programs effecting positive changes in behavior, added to the previous list of 32 programs.


​​Kristi Hunter

The sixth grade PATH content aligns very well with middle school health content standards. We love how the program focuses on fostering good decision making skills and encouraging student self worth. The sixth grade PATH content aligns very well with our school’s mission to empower kids with the education and resources to become successful adults.

​​Kristi Hunter
Morgan Township Middle School

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