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Teaching money to youth isn’t always about money.
Dave Ramsey.

Money Momentum is a new program being offered during this grant to freshmen at our comparison schools; those not receiving the Relentless 2.o program. Money Momentum focuses on financial literacy and basic money matters & skills. Teens aren’t typically known for their financial responsibility – yet many are already working and spending their hard earned dollars without really understanding how to make money work for them. 

The Money Momentum program is facilitated by PATH’s trained facilitators as student’s meet weekly to discuss topics such as “Why it Pays to Be Financially Responsible” – “The Cost of College: Financing Your Education” – “What is Credit – Do I Need It?” – Privacy Please: Protecting Your Identity” – “What’s a Budget?”  and more. 

The goal for Money Momentum is that students with greater financial knowledge will be empowered to better manage their money and experience an improved quality of life.

According to a survey of 1,000 youth aged 13-18


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