Our kids have a lot riding on their shoulders

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

Horizon is a fun, interactive program developed using a combination of evidence-based curricula. Teens who participate in Horizon will be engaged in conversations related to relevant issues such as: sex, primary and secondary prevention, healthy relationships & communication, future goals and peer pressure. Our goal is to equip, empower and educate adolescents to make responsible choices now, which will lead to healthy futures.

Making a Difference in Northwest Indiana!
Throughout Horizon, teens will examine what being proud and responsible means. To be proud is to be secure and confident; to have self-worth and dignity; and to value yourself. To be responsible is to be dependable, dedicated, reliable, trustworthy and make positive choices. Horizon will help teens realize the benefits of proud and responsible behavior; and how such behavior can help them accomplish their goals and dreams.


Horizon Interview

“The Horizon Program is a great way to present “sex education”, life skills, relationship and character building education into our health class. Students are presented the material with fun activities and honest answers to their questions. I notice the students open up more in classroom discussion after the program. They also ask if the Horizon educators will return. I look forward in having Horizon come back each year.”

Mike Worosz
PE/Health Teacher, Griffith Middle School​

“Our first year with Horizon was a success. It was so successful, that dozens of parents called our school throughout the summer, asking for Horizon to come back. A lot of our parents struggle to find ways to approach their children, especially concerning some of the topics that Horizon speaks on. Horizon made the children feel comfortable, and this allowed the children to openly participate in the program. On behalf of the parents, students and staff at Scott Middle School, it was an honor to have worked with you and we appreciate the things and change that Horizon has done at our school. I can’t wait to see you all next year.

Andrew Fentress M.S. Ed.
School Counselor, Scott Middle School

“Thank you Horizon for continuing to visit and service Henry W. Eggers Middle School. You make a difference in ways you are unable to see. Students are focused on the information shared and enjoy sharing with me their “aha” moments.

For example, a 7th grade student wanted to discuss an issue with me but I was testing at the moment and told them I would call them to my office later that day. The student made it clear they did not want to miss their Science class because Horizon was visiting. My comment was “You enjoy the information that much?” and the response was “YES. I’ll tell you about it when we talk but not during that period of the day.

Middle school is a difficult time for many of our students. It is rewarding to see a student light up and feel inspired to learn. These are the things you may not see or hear but surely make a difference. Thank you for all you do. We hope to see you next year!”

Michelle Rushing, Ph.D.
Henry W. Eggers Middle School