Positive Potential is an evidence based curriculum specifically tailored for grade 6-8 students that is available for purchase nationwide. The program encompasses a wide variety of age appropriate subjects, such as bullying, self confidence, and risky behavior, that are pertinent to their needs as the students grow and mature.

Liv.True is a 1.5 hour weekly mentoring program which takes place at several sites across Northwest Indiana and is facilitated by trained Liv.True mentors. Students participating in Liv.True Mentoring will spend time creating positive relationships with their peers and mentors while developing an understanding of how to best plan for a successful future.

Horizon is an engaging, interactive program designed to show urban teens the value of self worth, responsibility, and making healthy choices. This program makes use of two evidence-based curricula, “Promoting Health Among Teens – Abstinence Only”, and “Luv U 2 Relationship Smarts Plus.“

This is a new and innovative approach to Peer to Peer Mentoring and we are excited to bring this model to the high schools of Northwest Indiana! This 16-25 week program is facilitated weekly by a Peer Mentor Coach with Mentor Teams consisting of 3-5 Mentees (freshmen) and a Mentor (upperclassman).

Unhealthy relationships, dating violence, and risky sexual behaviors are a serious threat to the wellbeing and futures of many young people. Love Notes addresses these issues by building skills and knowledge for healthy relationships of all kinds: romantic, friendship, family, school, and work. In 13 lessons, youth learn more about themselves: how their past has shaped the present and how to make decisions on what they want for their own future.

Positive Potential: Remix is an adaptation of the Positive Potential program, an evidence based, comprehensive youth development curricula built on foundational principles that encourage teens to recognize their value, establish a solid legacy, and make positive choices that impact their overall whole person health.