“My greatest achievement is how many people I’m able to help”
Grant Cardone

PATH, Inc. has been awarded a PREIS grant (Personal Responsibility Education Innovative Strategies) by the Family and Youth Services Bureau. This grant will afford PATH the opportunity to rigorously evaluate the Relentless Peer to Peer Mentoring program. The sessions within the Relentless program were designed with medically accurate and age appropriate materials and provided to several schools in our service area over the course of the last 3 years. Initial outcomes showed a positive impact on both the mentors and mentees involved in the program; although much of the data was inconclusive, in part due to inconsistency in the implementation due to COVID and schools using various hybrid classrooms. Providing the program via virtual classrooms during a pandemic was far from normal or consistent.

This grant will allow us to make minor adaptations to the program during a pilot year (2021/22) while working with students and school faculty to ensure that students are engaged, that the program is facilitated with consistency and that all PATH service providers are prepared for implementation. We then move forward with consistent implementation of the program with full fidelity. Evaluating the outcomes of students who receive this program (treatment) against those who do not receive the program (comparison) will allow us to measure the full positive impact of the program.

In an effort to provide helpful and relevant programming to all students, both the treatment students and the comparison students will receive programming. Those in the treatment group will receive the Relentless 2.o Peer 2 Peer Mentoring program and those in the comparison will receive Practical Money Skills. To get an overview of either program, click on the logos below. 

Note: Freshmen students will be receiving one or the other and NOT both programs. Upperclassmen (juniors/seniors) will be recruited to serve as Mentors for the Relentless 2.o program only in schools serving as a treatment school for this PREIS grant project.

Meet The Team

Stephanie Lenckos

Stephanie Lenckos is a dedicated educator with 20 plus years of experience working with youth in the public, private, and adjudicated arenas.  She has a degree in Recreation Administration: Leadership Development through Aurora University.  She has also worked with a variety of non-profits over the years to develop, write and deliver curriculums and training for multiple leadership and mentor programs.  She has directed after-school and summer camp programs for youth in rural, urban and suburban areas in multiple states. Stephanie is also a wife and mother. Currently, Stephanie is working for PATH, Inc. as the Lead Health Educator for Relentless and PATH Plus.  She is part of the development and delivery of programs, as well as being a representative for the organization as a presenter and trainer.

Marion Collins

“I have been with PATH and teaching the Relentless peer to peer mentoring program since 2019. I am excited to step into the educator role with the new Practical Money Skills program. Youth are in need of factual information to make healthy choices for themselves and I am thankful to be part of a team making a truly positive impact.”

Jason Frederick

Jason is one of the original writers of the Positive Potential program. He enjoys presenting to teens and equipping them to build positive legacies. As a father, he sees the importance of believing in kids and seeing their potential. Students come up to him if they see him in public years later and still remember some of the information they were given, which is a reminder that our program is making a difference in their lives!

Jasmine Lindsey

“I began my journey with PATH by doing a fashion show with them in 2011 and began working at PATH in the fall of 2017. I love the mission of PATH and the difference we are making in students’ lives in each program we offer.  I enjoy working with youth and empowering them with the tools they need to live their best life! I have worked with youth throughout the years in various settings and look forward to impacting lives in a positive way in greater capacities.”