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Missing Peace

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, the holidays can be a trying time. In our greeting cards, we wish warm wishes and in gatherings, we express words of joy and happiness. But when it comes down to it, the season can be filled with stress, painful memories and loneliness.

My family has been separated and yet grown through divorce, physical distance, new marriages, new children and new ‘busyness’. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – even the weeks leading up to Christmas – we scatter and huddle, doing our best to join different parts of the family for different celebrations. We rejoice with those we see – and feel guilt for the ones we’re not able to connect with.

Whether you’re harboring guilt, loneliness, dealing with your addiction or addiction of a loved one, depression, anxiety, or isolation – know that it doesn’t do you or your family any good to show up in a fragmented version of yourself. Whether you’re struggling physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or socially, if one of those areas is out of alignment, then your whole body is out of alignment – causing you to never be whole.

Think about it, it’s almost like a puzzle. Everyday we get the opportunity to place the pieces of our life together, but if we are missing a piece to the puzzle, it’s incomplete, because you are missing a piece. Just in our life, maybe what we are missing is PEACE. The peace that fulfills us in times of trouble. The peace that overcomes us in the craziness of our situation. The peace in our mind knowing that everything will work out the way it should. We all at times are missing peace, but we too can cease the moment of peace in our life.

As Christmas approaches, may you take some time out for yourself to reflect on what is missing in your life. You can change all that simply by making peace your primary intention this holiday season. What better gift to give yourself this season; and you’ll be giving it to others. Peace, by its very nature, is contagious. Your peaceful vibration extends the gift of peace to everyone around you.

Happy Holidays!
Jason Kegebein