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Supporting Youth Development: Co-Regulation Strategies

Date(s) - February 22, 2023
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Sheila Cavallo
Supporting Youth Development: Co-Regulation Strategies

About the Topic
Join us as we discuss “Supporting Youth Development: Co-Regulation Strategies”.

Self-regulation is fundamental to healthy relationships and is therefore a key target for youth-focused relationship education.

Youth experience critical brain development that is enhanced by adult co-regulation support. Co-regulation is the supportive process between caring adults and youth that fosters self-regulation. Co-regulation includes developing and maintaining warm relationships, collaborating with youth to co-create supportive environments, and coaching and modeling the use of skills that promote self-regulation.

Integrating a co-regulation framework and teaching program staff to provide co-regulation support may improve youth and program outcomes.

About the Speaker
Sheila Cavallo is a managing consultant at Mathematica with experience implementing youth and adult serving programs, as well as providing training and technical assistance for a range of federally funded grant programs, including those within the fields of teen pregnancy prevention, positive youth development, healthy adult relationships, and responsible fatherhood. Sheila served as the project director of a school-based teen pregnancy program at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department and as the Project Site Coordinator the POWER Through Choices Demonstration, Evaluation, and Dissemination Project, a five-year, randomized controlled trial of an adolescent pregnancy prevention curriculum. She also has more than 20 years experience facilitating programs for youth and adults, and training other professionals to do the same. She is skilled in forming productive relationships for collaboration, coaching teams and organizations to improvement and performance goals, and facilitating training, peer learning and knowledge sharing.