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Setting Boundaries & Consequences

Date(s) - May 26, 2021
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Louise Clarke
Setting Boundaries & Consequences

About the Topic
During May’s Lunch Tables, Louise Clarke is going to talk about how to assist your teen in setting safe boundaries. What boundaries are reasonable? How do you negotiate and compromise with teens? What happens when the lines are crossed? Trying to discipline teens can be tough; what consequences work? Louise will offer some guidance and suggestions.

About the Speaker 
Louise is a Certified Parent Coach & Mindfulness Coach, podcast host of the Parenting In The Thick Of It Show, founder of Your Parenting Partner, and author of Parenting The Modern Teen: Cracking the code to Parenting your teen. The secret to understanding, connecting and communicating with your teen in a disconnected, distracted and digital world.

She gives parents the practical tools they need to help them better navigate the tough parenting moments and life in the thick of it. When parents seek her out, they are often overwhelmed, exhausted and at their wit’s end. With her parenting strategies, she teaches parents how to shift their mindset because when they change the way they view the dynamic between them and their kids, and the way they typically show up, react and behave with their kids, it results in their children changing their behavior for the better.