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Establishing Your Value

Date(s) - January 26, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Teri Healy
Establishing Your Value

About the Topic
1. Discover the 3 ways our limiting beliefs are created and what to do about it
2. Understand what truly defines your value and how what you’ve been taught actually works against you
3. Learn a simple and proven system to quickly and permanently shift tap into your Inner Wins in 8 & 1⁄2 minutes a day

About the Speaker
Teri Healy brings hope, healing and unlimited possibility to audiences and readers around the world. She has the ability to authentically connect with and uplift people across multiple demographics.

Along with professional speaking and writing, she is a transformational coach for executives and entrepreneurs looking to design and step into a new vision for their lives.

Teri has also created multiple programs to serve her community. She has made a commitment to impact 10 million lives.