Tax Credits Available

Your generous donation to PATH today can FOREVER change ​the lives of local youth.

 Thanks to the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), donors in Indiana can receive up to 50% of their charitable donations back as a state tax credit. A NAP tax credit is also counted as a charitable deductible on your federal taxes. Minimum donation $100. Maximum contribution $25,000. You have until 3/30/21 to take advantage of the NAP tax credits via a donation to PATH. Donate to PATH Today!

How does it work?

You generously donate $200 to PATH for the LivTrue mentoring program. Upon receipt of your check or cash, PATH provides you a receipt for a donation of $200 or more to file with your state taxes to receive a $100 tax credit on your Indiana State Taxes. You may also claim the full $200 on your federal taxes as a charitable donation. It’s a double deduction!

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